Geospatial Concepts for Intelligence Operations


This course teaches foundational geospatial concepts that apply to data, maps and analysis workflows widely used for intelligence production, planning and operations. You will work with the ArcGIS platform as you explore techniques to efficiently access, visualize, create and analyze geospatial data. This course is taught using ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced and some course exercises use tools provided in the ArcGIS Spatial Analyst extension.

Note: Course concepts apply to ArcGIS 10.2, 10.3 and 10.4. Esri Canada will provide ArcGIS 10.4 software for use during class.

Who Should Attend

Those working in the military, intelligence or national security communities who have minimal or no geospatial experience and who specialize in one or more of the following areas:

  • Intelligence planning
  • Geospatial intelligence
  • All-source intelligence
  • Imagery exploitation
  • Intelligence production

After completing this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify appropriate geospatial content for visualization and analysis
  • Organize, create and manage geospatial data stored in a geodatabase
  • Accurately and effectively display a variety of content, including imagery, on a map
  • Create products for dissemination that support mission planning and intelligence operations



2 days

ArcGIS Desktop
Public Safety
ArcGIS Version

10.4, 10.3, 10.2

  • ArcGIS 10.4 for Desktop (Advanced)
  • ArcGIS 10.4 Spatial Analyst
Experience working on a desktop personal computer and with Microsoft Office applications is required.
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